There are so many supplements available one the market today, so what are the best supplements for muscle growth?

What started as Rocky gulping down a glass full of raw eggs for quick protein has turned into a billion dollar industry. Nutrition supplements range from vitamins and minerals to herbs, proteins, and food extracts.

The supplement industry is full of guerrilla marketing campaigns featuring larger than life(physically) bodybuilding models pushing mysterious pills, powders, and drinks guaranteed to pump you up and make you look bigger than ever.

This is an industry that is unregulated by the FDA, so it can be very tricky to sort through claims of “scientifically proven”, “university tested” or “clinically studied” supplements making outlandish claims regarding the efficacy of their supplements. You really don’t know that the stuff works.

In addition to that, you never really know what you are getting.

Many supplements use a “proprietary blend” formula, which in many cases just contain filler product in addition to the products that you think you need.

Non-the less, results don’t lie.

Best Supplements for Muscle Growth

There is definitely a value to strategically supplementing around a good diet that can help maximize results especially in terms of muscle growth and strength development. Here are our choices for the top three supplements that are backed with scientific-like research support and have lasted the test of time.

1) Whey Protein

Whey is a byproduct of dairy. What used to be considered waste is now making the supplement industry billions of dollars. Whey is a great way to up your protein intake without having to cook, eat and digest a t-bone.

The more protein that is available in the body, the less likely it is to use proteins from muscle. Supplementing with whey shakes throughout the day allows that potential for maximal muscle growth. A good, affordable recommendation is Gold Standard Whey by Optimum Nutrition.

2) Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of muscles, as they also prime the release of energy during workouts and turn on the anabolic switch to optimize protein synthesis. Drinking an amino acid beverage during workouts can lead to longer energy and not feeling depleted mid-session. We would recommend “Amino-X” by BSN.

3) Hydrolized Whey Isolate + Carbohydrates

The first hour after intense exercise is the best window to maximize protein synthesis and muscle growth by shoving as much protein into the cells as possible. To do this you need 2 things: hydrolized whey islolate which will break down and enter the system fast and carbohydrates to spike insulin uptake as a transport system. We would recommend any of the flavors by Isopure that contain carbs in them or you can always add extra carbs(dextrose) to your shake later.