What trumps having the best CrossFit movement index on the Internet? Having the best movers performing them! We have now updated and expanded our library using CrossFit Games Athlete Jon ‘PeraNormal’ Pera and Gymnastics phenom Nicole ‘Z’ Zapoli.

The Wodstar website now has video and analysis of the 100 most common movements you can find in CrossFit, to cover those found in all the Girls, and most Heroes and other named Benchmark Wods. You can dial up the movements on your smartphone from the Wodstar website for quick reference, or use our YouTube share links to embed in the workouts to place on your website. Click here for the YouTube share links.

About Jon Pera

Jon has demonstrated is “PeraNormal” strength as 4-time CrossFit Games participant, coming out of SoCal, one of the toughest regions in the word. In 2011 and 2012, and 2015, he competed on an individual level and again in 2014, on a team with his home box CrossFit Foothills.

About Nicole Zapoli

With an endless resume of personal accomplishments, Nicole is Co-Founder and Head Coach of Dynamis CrossFit in Carlsbad, California and lead instructor for the CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Seminar. You may have even seen her compete in Season 5 of American Ninja Warrior.

No website has as many movement videos, nor the quality of mover that you can find on Wodstar. This is just the first installment of movements with many, many more to come!