More isn’t better, better is better. Heavy strength training at a high volume can beat up the joints, crush the nervous system, and often lead to plateaus. What the best lifters in the world have figured out is that with enough variation, and some special tricks, athletes can maximize results while minimizing the negative effects of stress on the body.

The Conjugate Strength training system is about teaching the body to be stronger by training the neurological components of strength while addressing imbalances or weakness in the body. It is an efficient way to maximize recovery and results, minimize time in the gym, and keep you hungry for more.

The model is based on variation. As soon as you get good at something, you move to something else to avoid accommodation and plateaus in progress. The three major tools the train the brain are variations in bars, range of motion, accommodating resistance (using band or chains), and a blend of dynamic and maximal effort days. The program works in three-week waves, followed by a download week, then the exercises change and the progression starts over.

3 Dynamic Effort Days –Moving Weight with Speed (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday)

  • Week 1-70% (10×2)
  • Week 2- 75% (10×2)
  • Week 3- 80% (8×2)


  • Bars
  • Boxes/ROM
  • Chains
  • Bands assistance and resistance

2 Max Effort Days (Monday/Friday)

-2RM, 3RM, 5RM

Example 3 week wave:

Monday (Max Effort)

  • Futures Back squat (Bands assist from the top) 2 RM in 6 sets
  • 3×10 good mornings
  • Bulgarian split squats 2×20

Tuesday (Dynamic effort)

  • Band resisted Bench Press 10×2 @ 70%
  • Bent over rows 3×10
  • Banded tricep extension 3×3

Wednesday (Dynamic Effort)

  • Safety Bar box squat with chains 10×2@ 70%
  • Reverse Hyper 3×12 reps
  • 100 banded hamstring curls
  • 100 sit ups

Thursday Rest

Friday (Max effort)

  • Floor Press 3RM, 5 sets to work up to heavy 3
  • Weighted pull-up 3×5
  • 100 dumbbell presses

Saturday (Dynamic Effort)

  • Deficit Deadlift with chains: 10×2 @ 70%
  • Russian twist 2×20
  • Glute ham raise 3×10

Sunday- REST