As the year flies by in the wake of this competition season, yet again we find ourselves at a critical time to make progress. Before we know it, the 2016 CrossFit Open will be upon us. Everyone has goals, whether it be win the games, qualify for regionals, finish respectably in your age group, or perform workouts as prescribed. Last year nearly 275,000 people around the world threw their hat into the ring to see how they would measure up. To make sure you are preparing as best as you can, here are 3 tips to incorporate into you training to prepare for The CrossFit Open…

1. Repeat previous “CrossFit Open” workouts

Go to the archives of years past and re-test the workouts. See how you would match up to yourself then, and other people that year. Accommodate for the fact that everyone is probably a little better now, but still a good reference. Open workouts have a certain awful flavor to them. They are a broad net that is testing mostly biological capacity, so they hurt a lot. There is never really a good excuse to stop moving. It is an advantage to get used to that expression of showcasing pure work capacity.

2. Attack Your Weakness From Last Year’s CrossFit Open      

If you had a workout or movement that really “got you”, attack that weakness. Make a point to re-do that workout or spend extra time on the skill in your warm-up, cool- down, or programming. There is no excuse to be failing in the same place. One of the hardest things to do is spend time working on things we are not good at, but the reward of improvement breads enthusiasm and excitement to showcase your new skills. What you used to hate might end up being your new favorite thing.

3. Re- Create the Competitive Environment

The CrossFit Open hurts so bad! Mostly because the pressure is on, and we know every rep, pound, and second counts huge. There is judging movement, counting reps, and pressure from people watching. Its really funny how attitudes change when you know your score will be on a board for the world to see.

To re-create this environment of pressure and standards, partner up with someone once and a while and judge each other in workouts to stay accountable. Create a “Friday Night Lights” environment in the gym with benchmark workouts that can be a great gym event. This could include heats for members to be both, spectators, competitors, and judges.

Another option is to enroll in a local competition. This is a great way to have fun and meet the surrounding community. It is a great way to re-create the competitive environment. And the girls are usually pretty hot there too!