Welcome to my training program! I am excited to get all of you fitter than you have ever been. As we all know, we don’t want to you to just be good at stuff in the gym, but we want you to thrive through life! Whether it may be competing in the CrossFit Games for the title “fittest on earth” or just looking good naked, this program will get you results everywhere and fast.

In addition to the general physical preparedness training I have also layered in my strength training progression at the start of most days. Developing strength is a key component to fitness and will translate everywhere. The strength training portions are divided into “Max Effort” or “Dynamic Effort” days. Both are meant to be hit hard and fast. “No Lollygagging!” They should never take long than 20 minutes total. This is important to keep your central nervous system excited and firing at full tilt. It also will minimize the wear and tear on your body, without beating you up too much. Max Effort days are meant for you to go for a new PR and push the limits of weight. Dynamic effort days focus on crisp movement and lifting the bar fast with efficient form!

The workouts include a warm-up and skill progression. These are mean to heat up the body, take the joints through a full range of motion, and prime the movement patterns that you will be using that day. Do not make these your workout! By the end of the skill work you should be sweating and ready to rock!

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