We love the spirit of American entrepreneurism and the businesses and marketplaces that result from it. From the American engine we have seen the birth of CrossFit, its explosive growth and a passion shared by everyone involved that borders on obsession. Almost everyone at some point has dreamed of being their own boss and running a successful business. For those who love CrossFit there is an opportunity to realize that dream.

If you look at CrossFit’s history, Greg Glassman spent 20 years studying exercise science before he opened his first gym in 1995. It would be 5 years from that point that he would introduce the nation to his first CrossFit Affiliate. Today, we see the numbers approaching 10,000. That is an amazing success story!

When we conceived Wodstar, we not only thought about providing resources for CrossFitters and Coaches, but also for Box Owners. Remember, CrossFit is not a franchise operation, but affiliate operation. With franchise operations you are given a specific set of instructions as to how to operate your business to maximize your return. Under the CrossFit’s affiliate program, while there are some resources available (such as The CrossFit Journal and the CrossFit Risk Retention Group), you will not be told how to run your business and it is up to you to determine your level of success.

That is why you will see contributions from CrossFitting business professionals who share their professional expertise with our members. We have enlisted the aid of such professionals as attorneys, accountants, insurance agents and bankers to offer suggestions through the lens of CrossFit to help box owners continue to thrive.

CrossFit’s success starts with the Box and we want to help those Box owners who take the risk to start their own business to realize their dreams.