Meet Jake Holmberg

Owner of CrossFit Blur, CrossFit Certified Trainer, Trainer of the Month and Two-Time Regional Crossfit Athlete

Originally from Wisconsin, Jake discovered his passion for fitness at an early age. Training for football year round, he became a self-proclaimed meathead in high school and on through college. In 2009, after college football ran its course, Jake discovered Crossfit and became a trainer at the local Crossfit spot in his hometown.  After a little over a year, he and his best bud Justin moved out to the desert to open up their own “pumpatorium,” as Jake calls it.  Their dream came true in August 2011 when Crossfit Blur was born.  Jake and Justin have been “taking the jiggle out of your wiggle” ever since.  Jake is a 2 time Regional Crossfit athlete and was named trainer of the month in 2012.  He says Crossfit is his life.  When he’s not supervising others doing it, you can find him going ham himself.

Jake Holmberg’s Articles

OCR 103021

Warm-Up: 2 Sets 200 Meter run 10 Spiderman push-ups 10 Over under arm swings 10 Touch downs 5/5 High kicks Run: 800m repeats, recovery jog 400m, perform until pace deteriorates [...]

Performance Unleashed 103021

Major: Chest & Legs Minor: Shoulders, core 3 rounds for time 10 Step back lunges, each leg (75-100lbs dbs or barbell) 10 Dips with 3 second eccentric lower Rest 3 [...]

Endurance 103021

Warm up: 3 sets at low effort of 20 pvc pipe pass throughs 10 inch worms 200 m light row or ski 30 seconds of arm circles Workout: 30 min [...]

Black Tiger Gymnastics 103021

Skill: A: Practice different variations of rope climbs for 10 minutes Coaches notes: Modify as needed on the rope climb with any variation from climbing half way and practicing your [...]