Meet Ryan Taggatz

Ryan is an active member and coach in the CrossFit community. After playing collegiate basketball, Ryan needed a competitive excuse to stay active. CrossFit became the perfect outlet! When he is not training or programming for his athletes, Ryan is busy pursuing his passion as a writer.

Ryan wanted us to mention that he currently files zero on his W-4 and likes movies more than clubs (for the single females among us).

Ryan Taggatz’s Articles

Black Tiger Gymnastics 080920

Skill: A: 2 sets: 3 Inchworm push-ups 10 Russian baby maker 4-6 Rocking box bridges Coaches notes: On your inchworms get set with your feet together as you do a [...]

WodStar 080720

Strength: Bench Press build to 5rm then drop to 80% and 2xMax Reps Strength 2: Clean from high blocks build to 2rm then drop down to 80% and complete 4x1 [...]

Power Everything 080920

WARM UP: Easy jog 400 Meters Dynamic movement: 10/10 Hip circles 20 Meter High knees 20 Meter Butt kickers 20 Meter "A" Skip 20 Meter High kicks Any other stretches [...]