Meet Ryan Taggatz

Ryan is an active member and coach in the CrossFit community. After playing collegiate basketball, Ryan needed a competitive excuse to stay active. CrossFit became the perfect outlet! When he is not training or programming for his athletes, Ryan is busy pursuing his passion as a writer.

Ryan wanted us to mention that he currently files zero on his W-4 and likes movies more than clubs (for the single females among us).

Ryan Taggatz’s Articles

OCR 100622

Warm-Up: 3x 25 jumping jacks 15 air squats 5 burpees 3 pull-ups OCR Strength: Front Squat 5 rounds of :15 Max Front Squat @ 65% of 1 RM, on the [...]

Power Everything 100622

WARM UP: 10/10 Up and Over the Fence 20/20 PVC Side to Side Swing 20 PVC Good Mornings 20 PVC Overhead Squats 20 PVC Pass Throughs Static Stretching: 3 Rounds: [...]

Performance Unleashed 100622

Major: legs, Minor: Core, Shoulders TRIPLE DOUBLE DOZEN Use a higher weight and effort for what you did with 20 rep 2 rounds of 12 reps for 3 supersets. Rest [...]

Endurance 100622

Warm-Up: 3 minutes jump rope practice work on Double-unders then 2 x 10/10 Single arm Kettlebell Deadlift 12 walking lunge steps 6 push-ups Workout: 40 minute Ladder 10-20-30-40-50-60.... Sit ups Air Squats L3-squat w [...]