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How to do a Chest to Bar Pull-Ups to increase your strength and improve your performance in CrossFit WODS.

Set up for Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

  • Begin in a dead hang from the pull-up bar with hands just outside shoulders.
  • Arms are long elbows are locked out from the bottom position.

Points of Performance for Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

  • Begin by leaning back slightly and pulling up with the arms.
  • Finish the rep with the chest (below the clavicle) touching the bar.
  • Descend back down to the fully extended starting position.

Tips and Tricks

  • To increase efficiency and strength, briefly pause extended at the bottom of the rep to avoid momentum.
  • Use good control descending to the bottom, don’t drop to the lockout position
  • Exhale as you pull, inhale as you descend