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How to do a Handstand Push Up(HSPU) to increase your strength and improve your performance in CrossFit WODs.

Set up for a Handstand Push Up(HSPU)

  • Hands outside the shoulders and feet against the wall
  • Invert with the heels against a wall, arms locked out, body straight and rigid

Points of Performance for a Handstand Push Up(HSPU)

  • Descend down to the ground breaking at the elbows and touch the head forward of the hands creating a triangle
  • Keep the legs and body rigid maintaining the integrity out the belly
  • Extend the arms pressing back up the a full lockout with the arms overhead

Tips and Tricks

  • Engage your core to keep your belly and butt tight
  • Place your hands a little away from the wall, this will allow you to kick up and into the wall
  • Point your thumbs towards the wall
  • Keep your elbows close and pointing slightly backward
  • Try not to overextend at the top too much