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How to do a Hang Power Clean to increase your strength and improve your performance in CrossFit WODs.

Set up for Hang Power Clean

The initial set up for a hang power clean is identical to an other clean variation until the pick you the bar off the ground

  • Begin the heels hip width apart
  • Bar is in contact with thigh and hands are in a hook grip just outside the thighs
  • Maintain light flexion in the knees, hips are back to create vertical shins, and shoulders are forward of the bar
  • Back is tight maintaining a strong arch
  • Chest is up
  • Core is tight
  • Weight is back in the heels
  • Hang power clean begins from the “second pull” (from the mid thigh to extension), so you’ll establish this position before you begin your pull

Points of Performance for Hang Power Clean

  • Begin by bringing the bar into the body and aggressively jump, extending the hips, knees, and ankles (triple extension)
  • With a big shrug of the shoulders, elbows come high and outside the bar then back around while pulling yourself under to receive the weight
  • Receive the bar in a quarter front squat so that it rests on the shoulders with the elbows up
  • Drive through the heels back to a standing position
  • Rep is completed when the knees and hips are fully locked out and open at the top

Tips and Tricks for a Hang Power Clean

  • Hang power clean begins from the “second pull” (from the mid thigh to extension). Focusing on it is a great way to practice using the full power of the hips
  • Having good speed pulling under the bar is key to improving your clean. Think about jumping hard, but not high—you should have a strong thrust with your feet leaving the ground, but you are not trying to see how high you get. The higher you jump the longer the rep takes
  • Pull with long arms; An early arm bend will only dampens the contribution of the hips
  • Once the athlete is fully extended, the arms are bent to pull the elbows high and outside