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The deadlift is one of the core, fundamental movements found in CrossFit training. The deadlift is one of the most effective exercises for developing the pure strength and one of the few movements that directly targets the hamstrings. This video demonstrates how to do the perfect deadlift.

Set up for a Deadlift

  • Begin with the feet hip width apart, hands outside the legs, the bar is in contact with the mid shins
  • Shoulders positioned over or slightly forward of the bar, back is arched and tight
  • Head is in a neutral position

Points of Performance for a Deadlift

  • Drive through your heels as you stand up, keeping the bar in contact with the legs
  • Maintain a strong lumbar curve
  • Hips and shoulders rise together at the same time
  • At the top of the knee extend the hips, finish the rep with hips and knees fully locked out and open with shoulders behind the bar

Tips and Tricks for a Deadlift

  • Insure proper tension before pulling weight off the ground
  • Do not have slack in the arms, hamstrings, or back