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How to Row on a Rowing Machine to improve your performance in CrossFit WODS.

How to Row on a Rowing Machine Set Up

  • Competitive rowers typically never set the dampener above 8. For smaller athletes, the lower the number is usually better
  • Strap feet in tight and secure around the widest part of the foot
  • Sit comfortably upright on the seat

How to Row on a Rowing Machine Points of Performance

  • In one powerful stroke, press through the heels extending the legs and body, then pull with the arms just above the belly button
  • The athlete is reclining slightly in the finish
  • Extend the arms, bend forward at the hip and then re-bend the knees to the catch position

Tips and Tricks

  • The power develops in the legs
  • The sequence of driving through the legs, hips, and pulling with the arms are the most crucial aspects of rowing
  • An early arm bend dampens the momentum and power you’ve created with your legs so be patient with your pull through the arms and back