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How to do a Man Maker to improve your performance in CrossFit WODS.

Set up for Man Maker

  • Start in a push-up position with a dumbbell in each hand.

Points of Performance for Man Maker

  • Do a push-up with the chest and thighs hitting the ground.
  • Then press back up into a right arm row, then a left arm row.
  • Spring your feet up and perform a squat clean.
  • With the crease of the hip below the knee, drive up into a thruster with a full lock-out overhead.

Tips and Tricks

  • After the push-up and each row, avoid jumping the feet into a narrow foot position.  Jump feet in so that you land in your squat stance preparing you for the squat clean
  • When placing the dumbbells back onto the floor, use a quality deadlift