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How to do a Turkish Get Up (TGU) to increase your shoulder stability, gain strength and improve your performance in CrossFit WODs.


Set up for a Turkish Get Up (TGU)

Lay flat on your back and with one arm press the weight by locking out the elbow.

Points of Performance for a Turkish Get Up (TGU)

  1. Bend the knee and put your foot, on the same side as the weight, flat on the ground
  2. Keeping the weight locked out at all times, press through the heel and shift your body weight to the opposite shoulder, elbow, and then hand
  3. Pop the hips and sweep the opposite leg into a kneeling position
  4. In this position you will be stacked; weight over shoulder of same, shoulder of opposite, and hand on ground
  5. Come to a kneeling position and lunge out to a fully standing position
  6. To complete the rep, descend back to the ground in the reverse order of these steps

Tricks and Tips for the Turkish Get-Up (TGU)

Keep your eyes on the weight overhead will help you find stability throughout the movement.