Fitstrong Builds Strength and Endurance in the Same Program...

This intermediate to advanced, 3 day a week, small group training program is written for members that want to focus on increasing both their strength and overall fitness.

This program uses standard equipment found at any facility with a split be combines strength based work with a conditioning or increased heart rate workout after. 

Approximately half the class time focuses on strength work with increasing weight while the other half uses light weight and high reps.


Skill Level



Group Programming



All Gym Venues


Equipment Required

This program uses equipment found in a typical gym:

  • Barbells, 
  • Dumbbells, 
  • Kettlebells, 
  • Medicine balls, 
  • Boxes, 
  • TRX or rings,
  • Swiss balls,
  • Rowers, 
  • Bikes, and 
  • Jump ropes.
  • What you Get
  • Sample workouts

FitStrong Sample Day 1

FitStrong Sample Day 1

Warm-Up: 2 Sets 10 Air squats with a 3 sec hold at bottom 10 Touch downs 10 Arm over/unders 50m ...
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FitStrong Sample Day 2

FitStrong Sample Day 2

Warm-up: 2 Sets 10 Air squats 10 Walking lunges  10 PVC pass throughs 10 Touchdowns 250 Meter row Workout 1: ...
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FitStrong Sample Day 3

FitStrong Sample Day 3

Warm-up 10/10 Up and Over the Fence 20/20 PVC Side to Side Swing 20 PVC Good Mornings  20 PVC Overhead ...
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Why Our Workouts Achieve Better Results Faster!

The foundation of EVERY Wodstar program rests on the concept of constant variation. When you are performing the same workouts over a long enough period of time, you will plateau and come to a screeching halt in terms of progress in strength and endurance.

For that reason, a subscriber gets a Workout of the Day (“WOD”), where every day they receive a different and unique workout. These workouts combine strength building with aerobic activity, which not only breaks up the monotony of traditional workouts, but also leads to superior results.

We introduce different loads, time durations and movements to train muscles you never knew you had to keep your metabolic engine revving and achieve superior results in less time.

Use the Best Movement Videos on the Internet as Training Aids

Proper technique not only reduces the chances of injuries, but also maximizes the amount of weight a you can move. Many lifts are explosive and go by so fast that it's hard for the human eye to pick up on them. For that reason, we shot super slo-mo, crystal-clear 4K videos of the best movers in the business to demonstrate the proper technique.