Hello Wodstars! If you are reading this, you are one of the TENS OF THOUSANDS of people who have come to the Wodstar website to participate in Camille’s programming. We have gotten tremendous feedback and thank you for your support!

Camille programs a 3-day-on and 1-day-off then 2-day-on and 1-day-off schedule and today is a programmed rest day. On our last rest day, we featured a piece for those who want to better understand what goes into good CrossFit programming–Mastering the Art of Programming.

Today we have a piece from our new Wodstars Helping Wodstars series. Here we take the top professionals in their field who are also avid CrossFitters and have them relate their areas of expertise in ways of interest to the world of CrossFit.

For our first piece Dr. Jonathan Hott, MD, one of the nation’s top neurosurgeons out Phoenix Arizona and avid CrossFitter, gives his advice to fellow CrossFitters on spine & back health. Click the link to read Hott Advice on Spinal Sustainability.

Of course, if you are not due for a rest day, feel free to go to Camille’s programming and hit the next one in the series-click here to go to our WOD Archive.