Hello Wodstars! If you are reading this, you are one of the TENS OF THOUSANDS of people who have come to the Wodstar website to participate in Camille’s programming. We have gotten tremendous feedback and thank you for your support!

Camille programs a 3-day-on and 1-day-off then 2-day-on and 1-day-off schedule and today is a programmed rest day.

This week kicks off a pretty exciting series of weeks in the CrossFit world and you know what we mean…unless you have been living under a rock. The First CrossFit Open work out is going to be announced Thursday and for the next five weeks that means hundreds of thousands of people–no matter what their skill or experience level–are going to be talking about nothing but how they performed in the Open Workouts.

If you are looking to make Regionals or just want to beat your friends and want to gain an edge, we’ve got something for you! Following the announcement of each Open Work out, we are releasing the Ultimate Open Strategy Guide written by CrossFit’s Living Legend, Bill Grundler.

Click here to read more about “The Grundlerine’s” Open Strategy Guide.