CrossFit Open Strategy guides for the 2017 open season are everywhere and offer a strategic edge, but they do not offer you a physical edge over the field. Often overlooked is the proper stretching pre- and post-WOD, which will pay huge dividends.

We asked Wodstar’s Yoga Expert, Stephanie Ring, to review each workout in the 2017 CrossFit Open when announced and put together a stretching regiment to perform before each WOD to LOOSEN YOU UP TO MAXIMIZE YOUR PERFORMANCE as well as a recovery stretching program after the WOD to ACCELERATE YOUR RECOVERY to keep you fresh for the next WOD.

Introduce these stretches to you members and spend 5 to 10 minutes before and after each 2017 CrossFit Open WOD and they will thank you, as you will help maximize their performance and minimize their soreness! For those that may re-test a WOD, this is essential!

You can purchase this for the 5 week CrossFit Open Season ($20 for the open) or get it FREE as a BONUS for purchasing a 6 month six month subscription to our new WOD Recovery Video Series ($39.99 for six month access).  Gyms are finding great value in cueing up our Recovery Video Series on their televisions at the end of class to keep everyone loose so they can’t complain of soreness and skip days!

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