Meet Josh Otero

Founder and CEO of GoalCountable

Founder and CEO of Power In Motion Institute

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Defense, Spartan SGX Level 1


“My goal is to change peoples lives through fitness and nutrition.

My entire life I have been involved in athletics and health. I started gymnastics before I can remember, and now as I own a strength and conditioning center focused on helping people achieve their fitness and nutrition goals.

I have taken many roads to get where I am, and have learned a lot during my journey. From a competitive college athlete to running ultra-marathons and Ironman’s, to helping hundred’s achieve their fitness and nutrition goals.

And yes, I had a successful stint as a broker and wholesaler of financial products with industry leaders, but I left it to pursue my passion! I was earning a good income, but my desire was to live and teach health and fitness.

I started Power in Motion Institute with the belief that if you bring a high level of training to a goal-oriented environment with an unforgettable experience, you will be successful.

That was two years ago, and since then we have helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness and nutrition goals.

Toward the end of 2014, I started a goal tracking system, where our members post their goals on a goal board, and review them on a weekly basis while updating them quarterly.

Having successfully implemented the goal tracking and monitoring system on a white board, I knew that on order to bring that level of success to others, outside our walls, I had to go digital! Hence, GoalCountable – accountability to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.

GoalCountable is the next step in the evolution of goal setting and achievement. In order to ensure your success; we become your accountability partner.

Not only does the program hold you accountable to your fitness and nutrition goals, but we also provide you with nutrition consulting, workout programming and tracking as needed. And, we also provide access to a wealth of information and partnerships that we have established.

We all know how easily we are distracted by our business and family needs. And we become inattentive to exactly what we need to be successful in those areas, health, fitness and well-being.”

-Josh Otero


Josh Otero’s Articles

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