The Chelsea WOD is a Benchmark Girl WOD used in CrossFit workouts to assess an athlete’s progress over time.

Description of the Chelsea WOD

Every minute on the minute:

If you finish the exercises before the minute you can rest. The WOD ends when you cannot complete the round before the minute is over.

Click links for video demonstrations that discuss points of performance and scaling.

Note: An athlete can perform a Strict Pull-Up, as defined above or a Kipping Pull-Up or Butterfly Pull-Up.

Goal Times for the Chelsea WOD

WodStar RX Goal Rounds

  • Elite: 30 Rounds
  • Level 3: 24-30 Rounds
  • Level 2: 15-23 Rounds
  • Level 1: 10-14 Rounds

Coaches/Athletes: These are estimated RX goal rounds, scale as needed to finish in these estimations.

Tips for the Chelsea WOD

  • Avoid “red lining” through each round. Pick a moderate unbroken pace to maintain throughout each minute.
  • Put more focus into the mechanics of your least efficient movement(s)and make up time during your most efficient movements.
  • Click on the movement links below to view movement demos and points of performance.

Scales for the Chelsea WOD



  • Box Squat
  • Elevated Med Ball Squat (ball on top of plate)
  • Squat Holding a Rig
  • Ring Supported Squat
  • Bar in Rig Supported Squat


  • Banded Pull-Ups
  • Jumping Pull-Ups
  • Ring Row
  • TRX Body Row
  • Barbell on Rack Body Row
  • Banded Pull-Downs


  • Knee
  • Inclined Box Push-Up
  • Bench Push-Up
  • Ring Push-Up
  • TRX Push-Up
  • Bar in Rack Push-Up


  • Reduce time to 15:00-20:00