Not only are you going to get an extremely satisfying workout from our WOD of the Day, but also you are going to get warm up and cool down yoga stretches–specifically linked the workout–to aid in your recovery. Time for Gainz!

A) Warm-Up: Not For Time

Row 200 Meters

Downward Dog Pose (Hold For 2 Sets Of 30 Seconds)

Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

B) Strength 1:

Every Minute on the Minute For 10:00 Do:

1 Power Snatch (Start With Moderate Weight, Build Every Minute)

C) Strength 2 :

3 Position Cleans @ 60% X 5 Sets

D) Skill:

Handstand Walk For 50 Meters.

Every Time You Break Hit 15 Cals On Airdyne or Assault Bike


F) Recovery: 2:00 Hold Each Pose

Thread The Needle

Thread the Needle Yoga Pose

Extended Low Lunge

Extended Low Lunge Yoga Pose

Twisted Monkey