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Credentials: Certified CrossFit Endurance and SpartanSGX coach

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Obstacle Race Training

Christopher is a lifelong endurance athlete and fitness guru that has spent the past six years devoted to the sport of obstacle racing. In 2013 he joined the Spartan Pro Team and has completed nearly 100 Spartan Races across the US and Mexico. He is currently one of the top ranked masters (40+) athletes in the sport and the owner of Tough Training based on Scottsdale, Arizona. Tough Training is a fitness enterprise that provides coaching based on CrossFit Endurance and SpartanSGX training principles, he is a certified coach in both disciplines. This coaching is conducted at Power In Motion Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona and virtually to clients around the world.

Christopher retired early from a successful career as an executive in the Insurance industry in 2014. He brings with him the knowledge of how to successfully combine a busy professional career with the pursuit of optimal fitness. He started Tough Training as an avenue to educate family and friends on how to get and stay fit. Today this has expended well beyond family and friends to over 40,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook. His website provides insight into his relaxed but effective fitness lifestyle. As a masters athlete himself he has the perspective of what it takes to continue to perform at peak performance as we age.

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