First we take the best exercise movement video index on the Internet and combine it with the best programmers like Josh Bridges, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Chris Rutz, and Tennil Reed. We offer a variety of programs from Functional Fitness, Gymnastics Strengthening, Obstacle Racing, Beach Body Building and many more. Take a look below and find the program that’s right for you!

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Josh Bridges’ Fitness Series

Navy Seal and 3-time, top ten-finishing CrossFit Games Competitor Josh Bridges introduces two exercise fitness programs under the “Wake Up a Little Bit Fitter” Series. The first is for Military, Law Enforcement, and Firefighters, which is similar to the programming he followed during his time preparing for BUD/s and serving in the Navy Seal Program. The second is for CrossFit Competitors and closely mirrors what he is doing now to win the CrossFit Games.

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Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet’s Fitness Series

What can you say about Camille–the 2014 CrossFit Games Champion and Fittest Woman on Earth? Arguably the most popular figure in CrossFit, Camille brings two programs to Wodstar: the first is a general program to help you raise your performance levels and the second is a program to help you build super strength.

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Look Good Naked Beach Body Program

Looking for a beach body program to get in shape FAST? We unleash your metabolism through muscle toning and fat burning cardio sessions. For men and women and written to be used at any gym.

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Crouching Tiger Gymnastics Series by Wodstar

CROUCHING TIGER GYMNASTICS is a family of interactive Gymnastics WODs developed by Wodstar IMPROVE THE GYMNASTICS SKILLS AND STRENGTH OF BEGINNER THROUGH ELITE ATHLETES.These programs are specifically designed to build your gymnastics foundation by training like an actual gymnast.

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Lean and Limitless Program for Women

This is the “Get fit, but don’t make me bulky in the process” program you are looking for. Lean and Limitless is for women who crave longer workouts to sprint programs to tone muscles and keep their metabolic engines revving.

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Varsity: Off-Season Training & Conditioning by Wodstar

Varsity is an off-season sports training program written to get your athletes stronger and faster while making them more resilient and resistant to injury.

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Endurance Training by Wodstar

WOD-inspired race-training program that focuses on high-intensity intervals instead of high mileage to put less wear and tear on the body.

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Obstacle Race Training by Wodstar

Written by 100 time Elite Spartan Racer, Spartan SGX Training certified and multi season Spartan Pro Team member, Christopher Rutz, our obstacle race training  is designed to get you ready for the varied demands of an obstacle race. You will be running, lifting, pushing, pulling, throwing and getting “Tough” for the challenges that are presented on the course.

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Kettlebell Workouts by Wodstar (Coming Soon!)

Our kettlebell workouts are perfect for anyone who craves a high metabolic, strength and conditioning workout and might not have access to barbells or may work out in a more traditional gym.

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Wodstar’s Skill Builder Series

These mini programs are 30 days or less and are perfect for those who want to focus and improve on a specific skill.

Become a Rowing Machine in 21 Days

Whether you want to take advantage of the rowing machine for your cardio workout or improve your performance in fitness workouts, this 21 day program will teach you how to master the rowing machine.

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Workout Recovery Yoga Video Series

It’s amazing what a little stretching can do to not only increase your mobility and range of motion, but also speed your recovery. This workout recovery yoga program can be used immediately following any workout or on recovery days to help maintain mobility and flexibility as you train.

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